I'VE spent most of my life on a computer. I could have done much MORE with that time; despite being at the screen, I've not always spent the time constructively creating tools and applications. 

After 15 years, I had enough. Enough of the mewing of client secretaries displeased with modifications to their beloved home screens. Enough of the constant battle to learn new tools that were rarely BETTER, only DIFFERENT. Enough of public-beta, version 0.99b software being forced upon a world for its misunderstanding and mis-use. Enough salespeople-bosses and all-day depositions. Enough human resources and contract applications. So I quit. I finished a Mathematics degree. I ran a business, renting houses and keeping up with aging parents. I raised kids and drove myself crazy.

Then music happened again, and with the music came computers, crashing back around me. This time, the computers were Macs...lots of shiny, expensive boxes with glowing Apple eyes and tiny clicking keys. They controlled my synthesizers, they WERE my synthesizers...and the music flowed into and out of them through tiny glowing cables. 

And wait...I remember programming these things. I used to know something about that. I wonder if I still can. Objective C? Cocoa? What are these things, so similar yet so different to what I knew before? It's a journey, right? Is eight years long enough to set something aside before you rediscover your love and talent? 

Let's find out.

January 28, 2014