Arturia Minibrute 2S Demonstration Track

I’ve been poking about with the Minibrute 2S of late, including the large modular rack accessory. I’ve posted a demonstration track of the synth in what I’d call a “usable context,” meaning, no modulation effects but some compression, delay, and reverb. Otherwise, it’s all Minibrute 2S with drums.

It’s a repetitive MIDI loop being fed to the synth from Ableton Live, but I move the knobs and bits about to cover some territory with the sawtooth wave, square wave, pulse width, filter, Brute Factor, and envelopes. I DID patch the ADSR out to Amp in, so that envelope is controlling both the filter cutoff (normalized) and the amp output (patched).

Overall, it’s a neat little synth and well worth the price of admission. Full review coming soon.

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