Verbos Modular Drone & Melody

I’ve been experimenting a bit with this particular modular setup; it’s allowed me to resist the urge to purchase a Buchla, among other things. While my own tastes run toward a more East Coast style of synthesis, I admit to a strong fascination with the aleatoric, deconstructionist nature of the West Coast sound. A nice conversation with Don and Ezra Buchla and Morton Subotnick, some years back, fueled this fire and I came close…AWFULLY close…to the deep black pit that is the Buchla 200 system. With my current investment in synthesis…modular synthesis in particular…I’m glad I stayed above ground.

This was my first legitimate “performance patch” for the Verbos system. Mark Verbos builds modules that embrace the random nature of the West Coast sound, modules that cost a fraction of the banana-plugged shiny bits from BEMI (now Buchla USA). But the Verbos modules are WONDERFUL. 

Current system modules include:

  • Verbos Voltage Multistage
  • Verbos Sequence Selector
  • Verbos Bark Filter Processor
  • Verbos Dual Four-Pole (not used)
  • Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller (2)
  • Verbos Complex Oscillator
  • Verbos Harmonic Oscillator
  • Verbos Multi-Envelope
  • Verbos Scan & Pan Verbos Touchplate Keyboard
  • Verbos Random Sampling
  • Radikal Technologies EffExx RT1701 (effects)
  • Division 6 Mulitplicity XV (multiple)
  • Mordax Data (oscilloscope and visualizer)

Yes, it’s in vertical format. Yes, I know people hate it. Bad angles require expedient solutions.

I will be modifying this system to include the Verbos Mini-Horse and Verbos Control Voltage Processor (as well as some more multi) over the next couple of days. I’d like to revisit this patch with more CV tone control in the near future. Additionally, I’d like to write a detailed description of this patch, and will be posting it here, shortly.

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